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"Filter words – don’t let them hijack your writing" by Brita Addams

Filter words are those extraneous words writers use that shield readers from the action. The use of filters lends to telling not showing, the biggest of all writer no-nos. When filters are used, the reader sees everything from the characters point of view, instead of experiencing the action themselves. Many call this a deeper POV.

For instance – Paul felt his heart thud when Aaron entered the room.

Felt acts as the filter. Of course he felt his heart. Who wouldn’t?

Piracy-Don’t act a fool about it, by Rayna Scherer


Piracy (Intellectual Property) Legal Definition:

Unauthorized duplication of a matter protected by intellectual property.


What this means to an author:

Intellectual property rights are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation for a certain period of time.

Proud to be an A! —by Deanna Wadsworth

As we all know, June is gay pride month and that means a chance for every member of the LGBTQA community to shine like a fabulous rainbow. LOL Of course, there is also a lot of serious work happening as well, both in politics and education. Even in the virtual world, there is celebrating with publishers having sales, and writers hosting blog tours and giveaways.

Not Your Mother's Publishing Industry

My mother just self-published a book for the first time.

Probably what actually happened is not what you pictured. My mom is a veteran of the publishing industry. She’s semi-retired now, mostly living off her income from freelance writing, so she hasn’t worked in publishing for eight years or so. But she put in her time before that.

Sex in Space–an LGBT writer’s perspective –by Angel Martinez

Anyone who tells you that sex in space would be cool is not a true science fiction fan, or at least doesn’t have a good grasp of actual science. Issues with sex in zero or low gravity environments are, perhaps, not insurmountable, but they are considerable. Low gravity interferes with certain blood flow functions – erections are just less reliable. Sweat tends to layer on the body making it slippery. Every action leads to an opposite and highly exaggerated reaction.

June is Gay Pride month and we want to hear from you!

Calling all RRW members!

June is Gay Pride month, and as the premier LGBT writing group, we would like to celebrate our pride all month here on the Pot of Gold!

We would love to fill our blog all June with great reminders of what Pride really means to each and every one of you. So we are looking for bloggers to share their experiences with us. Some examples of what we are looking for are as follows:


* Share your courage and fears when you came out.

* An inspiring story of acceptance from your life


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